gymnazo-logo-orangeGymnazo started in 2009 as a small group for gym members looking to change up their workout routines and try something new and innovative. Originally motivated to get more leverage for his time as a personal trainer, founder Michael Hughes, started his 45 minute circuit training in a small 11×11 square foot meeting room in the large fitness club.  Within 9 months, Hughes decided to brand his workout program and continue to advance his education of exercise science by starting a Fellowship of Applied Functional Science. Fast-forward to 2013 and Hughes had 100 members, 4 other coaches and a 3,000 square foot facility at Kennedy Club Fitness.  He continued to double digits grow year over year in a recession.  In July 2013, he moved Gymnazo out into its own 6,000 sq. ft. facility, and in doing so doubled his members in 5 months. Always in the black, Hughes has consistently sought guidance and direction from local entrepreneurs, advisors and professionals.  If you were to ask him about his success, he would credit those around him who continue to help him guide and build one of the most successful boutique fitness programs on the Central Coast.