In 2019, MillerCoors, LLC sponsored The Beach Life Festival in Redondo Beach, California and featured Jason Mraz, why performed his mega hit, I’m Yours, which was nominated for Best Song Grammy in 2004 and reached No. 1 on several Top 40, contemporary and adult hit radio-based charts. MillerCoors used a 13 second video clip of the performance and superimposed its logo that stated the festival show was presented by Coors Light. Mraz was a bit upset that MillerCoors used his name to promote its brand and purposely had not licensed his song for alcohol or adult-orientated products because of the family nature of the lyrics. MillerCoors argued that the festival organizer, The Beach Life Festival, LLC authorized them to create custom content from the Festival for its promotional use. The three parties recently settled the case, but the takeaway is vitally important for all involved: For the Artist, review the contract between the event producer and its sponsors; and sponsors to conduct due diligence to make sure the event producer has the clearance to use the copyrighted work of the artist(s). The sponsor should also require an indemnification clause in its contract with the event producer.