Starting The Start-Up: Keys to Success:

* Create a comprehensive business plan to include the vision and strategy of the founders and major investors.

* Create a an agreement between and among the founders regarding:

ownership interest,

buyouts or transfers of stock to third parties,


Intellectual property ownership,

bylaws and operating agreements.

* Protect technology by filing applications for:

patentable inventions,


copyrights for copyrightable software, and to protect trade secrets.

* Conducting timely trademark searches.

* Protect proprietary technology being developed by employees.

* Forming appropriate entity (partnership, LLC, Corporation (S or C).

* Conducting due diligence when hiring former employees of a competitor without to avoid intellectual property and trade secret issues.

* Maintaining organizational records, including notices, meetings and resolutions.

* Employee agreements, and creating an appropriate employee stock option plan.

* Selling securities to non-credited investors.