Starting an Online Funding Campaign: Compliance Issues

If you are contemplating on raising equity based-funding for your new business product or service, there are certain compliance requirements. However, thanks to the Crowdsource Act of 2012 (Title III of the 2012 Jobs Act), there are significantly less reporting...

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Raising Cash: Donation Based Funding For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs with a new business or service can seek fund donations to get launched through a variety of website platforms. In contract to equtty-based platforms where contributors are investors seeking a return on their investment, donation-based seek to foster...

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START ME UP: Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing

A combination of technology and the Crowdsfund Act (Title III of the 2012 Jobs Act), has made it easier for entrepreneurs to fund their endeavors. Through Crowdfunding, entrepreneurs can reach a large pool of funding candidates. Research shows that the average amount...

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California’s New LLC Laws: Is Your LLC in Compliance?

California’s new Limited Liability Company laws replaced important governing provisions of the operating agreements created prior to January 1, 2014 – mostly, the impact of default provisions.  This blog focuses on Management of the LLC.   Under California’s new LLC...

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Nearly as important as how to structure venture capital deals is determining when you should seek the venture capital to begin with. There are several schools of thought between trying to scale the production of the idea, versus fine-tuning the business product and...

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Business Paradox: Is Bigger Better?

Starting a successful business requires a pedal-to-the metal mindset in terms of focus, passion, and information gathering to be more effective and efficient. It also helps to have a product or service that people want! That mentality can be difficult to change when...

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Baba Food SLO, LLC

Hailing from Tunis, Tunisia, Moez Bensalem was far away from the smell, look and taste of his beautiful homeland.  While he could not recapture the look, he was determined to bring back the smell and taste of the hummus and mediterranean salads from his flavorful and...

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Toro Creek Brewing Company

Toro Creek Brewing Company is a blend of local farming and craft brewing.  Like the wineries that surround them on the beautiful Central Coast of California, they grow organic ingredients for their estate beers; including barley and thirteen varieties of hops.  They...

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Merry Maids

Todd Souza became the proud owner of San Luis Obispo's premiere house cleaning company, Merry Maids, in 2008.  Todd had previously operated and managed his own start-up house cleaning company, Pacific Coast Cleaning, in Orange County beginning in the mid 1980's. ...

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Signature Entertainment

Signature Entertainment is one of the leading full service providers of entertainment, planning and logistical needs for casinos and special events, entertainment venues and Fortune 500 Companies. Signature Entertainment is comprised of executive buyers with extensive...

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